Our company ADDK which has been founded in 2012 and specialized in casting products, is a solution partner for companies in need of gray iron, ductile iron and steel. In this context, the needs of our customers are being analyzed, the most appropriate solution is offered to them and the procurement process is initiated. In this process, each stage of production are being kept under control by our experienced engineers and our customers are prevented from encountering bad surprises. Our engineers carry out all the controls of the ordered parts starting from sample checks to final product inspections and provide regular information flow to our customers. In this way, both our customers and suppliers have been secured.


Years of



ADDK renews itself to provide quality and best service to our valued customers, closely following the developments in the world, has the understanding of providing the most appropriate solution to you.

Our Goals

Our primary goal and mission is to increase our existing customer capacity and continuously improve ourselves in accordance with changing production and quality standards. In line with this goal, we wish to continue our relationship with you for many years without breaking with our principles and self.


In addition, if requested, the parts used in our customers’ systems can be analyzed and designs that can provide higher benefits can be created and submitted to the approval of our customers. In this way, the efficiency and life time of the materials working in the system are extended and production costs are reduced. Thanks to our cooperation with more than 20 foundries of different capacity and capability, ADDK is proud to be with you as your solution partner, aiming to provide the casting parts you need in high quality, reasonable prices and short supply times.